Saturday, 27 October 2012

Clynol Sealed Ends Fluid Review.

Clynol Repair Caress Sealed Ends Fluid, £8.37 for 75ml here.

After just three uses of this product I was in awe of the difference I could feel on my hair, it's not often you can feel almost instant results with a hair product. I've since been using it daily and my experiences with it so far have been positive, I've been looking forward to sharing it with you all!

I was attracted to Clynol because of it's dedication to creating salon quality hair at an affordable price. The ingredients in this Sealed Ends Fluid excite me; it contains macadamia and olive oil, marula and argan oils along with sweet almond and and apricot kernal. These active ingredients help restore and protect the ends of hair against further damage.

Sealed Ends Fluid is a gooey white serum that you massage into the ends of your hair to help combat dryness and split ends. The packaging states it can be used on wet or dry hair, and while I am normally dubious to put wet products on dry hair it was actually absorbed fairly quickly and was weightless afterwards. The ends of my hair look glossier and they feel nourished. 
Though it is hard to comment on it's long term benefits as I have only been using it for three weeks, I am impressed so far and will continue to use this to see how much the condition of my hair improves.

In times where money is short for many, a product like this could help prolong the time inbetween haircuts as it helps prevents the ends of the hair from looking shabby and uncared for. I do get my hair cut every 2-3 months, so while the ends of my hair aren't in a particularly unkempt condition, they do split quickly due to dryness from long term hair dye and constant straightening.
I would recommend this product for you girls out there who have dry ends from dye or bleach, or overstyled hair which suffers from heat damage. I've been using this product after washing my hair with The Body Shop's banana shampoo and conditioner which are really gentle and soften my hair, and this Clynol fluid seems to work with them well as it helps prolong the softness and works on repair inbetween washes.

Have you tried any products from Clynol? Would you be tempted to try this?

This product was sent for me to review. is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products. You can order this product by clicking here.


  1. ooh I really like the sound of this!the ends of my hair are ruined after too much shampooing,straightening,curling etc!anything that makes them glossier is a winner in my book <3 xx

    1. Try it hun, it's really impressed me. No stickiness, no heaviness, just softness :) x

  2. Sounds great and perfect for my hair which always has dry split ends from straightening, might give it a go! x


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