Thursday, 9 August 2012

.....Finally, a review! MAC Fix+

MAC Fix+, £13.50 for 100ml.

It has taken me until I am spritzing the last drops of this bottle onto my face to really formulate an opinion on MAC Fix+, but it is a positive opinion and one I wanted to share with you all.

It's sold as a setting spray that is used to prolong the wear of makeup as well as freshen up any makeup look. It contains ingredients such as green tea and chamomile which are also meant to benefit the skin.

Whilst I haven't noticed any particular skin benefits, nor do I notice my makeup staying put for longer (DoubleWear foundation ensures that happens anyway!) I find that Fix+ achieves that natural, dewy look that I strive to achieve everyday.
Gone are the days where I liked to look ultra matte, but whilst I remain to use powder to set my foundation it is hard to get the appearance that your makeup is your skin. In other words, Fix+ breaks down that powdery, synthetic finish that powder creates on your base, and turns it into looking like part of your skin, that you naturally look that healthy and that you naturally have that even skin tone. Who wouldn't want that, eh? It takes about twenty minutes after being sprayed to truley show it's effects, but for those of you who like that no effort, natural makeup look but still want to be able to use a foundation and a powder, then this is for you.

My love for this product has been a slow burner but I do think I would repurchase. I don't use it everyday and the bottle has lasted me quite a few months, so I'm not too concerned about paying out for it. 

Do you use Mac Fix+?



  1. Great review and congratulations on your engagement! :)

    Sophie x

  2. If this breaks down that powder.. do you also lose the coverage?

  3. great review, i always spray this on if my foundation looks a bit heavy!

    also, congrats!!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  4. i'm currently using Caudalie Beauty Elixir for this purpose but when it rubs out I deffo wanna try this out!

    Sarah xx

  5. Oh my God, congratulations! :) So pleased for you! I really want to try this, I love the dewy look at the moment! xx

  6. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see how your makeup will look on your wedding day =)

  7. omg you're engaged, that's amazing, sooooo happy for you sweety.
    i didnt really get max fix plus. i liked it, bbut it didnt do a whole lot for me... i reviewed it on my blog too. personally i prefer the body shop vitamin e mist, it's much nicer, and cheaper! xx


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