Friday, 30 March 2012

Bold Spring Time Lips...Using new Bourjois Lipgloss!

Hi there lovelies I hope you've all been enjoying this lush weather we've been having if you're a UK person! Just a quick post to show you a lip combination I am loving at the moment and wore out today, which I think is a great statement lip for this exciting spring time of year.

TopShop Lipstick in 'Coy', £5 for 2.3g
Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in '52 Coral Idyllic' £7.59 for 5.7ml

Due to its light, touch of neon shade and soft matte finish 'Coy' can look almost too much on it's own and of course it clings to the lips even if put on top of a nourished surface. It is very, very bright and although the application is smooth because it is a creamy pencil it didn't feel right on my lips without a gloss, which brings us onto....

This is a brand new lipgloss shade from Bourjois and has recently been released as part of their spring collection which is called 'Sweet Paris'. It's a gorgeous coral gloss that has a sprinkling of gold glitter in it. It is very sweetly scented and it reminds me of those parma violet sweets! I partly chose to wear it because it is a perfect accompanying shade to 'Coy' but also because this gloss claims to have a nourishing ingredient contained within it that is meant to hydrate your lips for up to 8 hours, which would make it the perfect choice to put it on top of a matte lip colour.

I've noticed since wearing 'Coy' that it is a slightly pinker (and I mean very slightly!) version of Illamasqua's 'Brink' lipstick which is a colour I have been absolutely loving since my boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas. Similarly to the TopShop colour, you have to be careful wearing it as it shows all dry parts of the lips and the Illamasqua formula is so matte that it just drags across the lips and dries them out throughout the day. Not a lip colour you can wear everyday but a colour that is really fun when you do, but I would urge you to wear either of these with a gloss or balm on top, overly dry lips just aren't a good look!

Coy on the lips;

'Coy' and 'Coral Idyllic' together;

Left to Right; Bourjois Effet 3D LipGloss '52 Coral Idyllic', TopShop Lipstick in 'Coy', Illamasqua Lipstick in 'Brink'.

So there we are, a neon coral statement spring lip!

I'd like to think that oneday I could enjoy wearing this coral lip in this over- indulgent borderline ridiculous but I love it anyway coral dining room! I could see me sauntering around with a beehive and some palazzo pants with my coral lips in this coral room, absolutely living the dream before I go for a paddle in my swimming pool ;)  (Oneday...)

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 Will you be trying colours like this? Have you tried any of these products, what do you thinkof them? 
Would you pick 'Coy' or 'Brink' and do you feel compelled to add a glossy finish on top of such unforgiveable shades and formulas?


  1. I'm on a mission to find the perfect coral for me. For some reason I cant find anything that doesnt lean more orange or pink once on my lips. This combo looks beaut!

  2. following!! this is one of my favorite beauty blogs<3

  3. LOVE the colour.. ive been after that illamasqua lipstick for agesss now..
    Must have a look at the topshop lip pencils soon :) xx

  4. Lovely blog, am now following xxx


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