Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Green People Foaming Face Wash.

£10.95 for 100ml.

It's no secret that I have been endeavouring to use more and more natural, cruelty free and organic skincare products. It's an interesting process, with some good and bad surprises along the way! I don't think that my face will ever be 100% cruelty free but I am a believer that every bit makes a difference.

I found this in my local independant health food shop and thought I'd give it a go. At just over a tenner it is good value for money in terms of amount of product you get, not cheap yet not expensive- a happy middleground in terms of price. Affordable.
The term 'foaming face wash' had me assuming that the product would foam up, once massaged into the face with water. Infact, this product comes out of the dispenser as foam, something I've not had to work with before! I found this initially, and still, quite disappointing. I would much rather this came out in liquid form and foamed up once wet as it would feel like a more thorough cleanse. It also made me worry I would experience tightness or dryness in my skin, as foaming washes are often famed for.

I've been using this for both my morning and evening cleanse for about three weeks and not noticed any negative side effects. I haven't experienced dryness, tightness that I had worried about. My skin feels balanced and looks healthy, I've had the odd hormonal induced spot here and there but nothing severe. It does a good job at removing any left over makeup that I have missed with my micellar water, though I wouldn't advise using this as your soul makeup remover as it does struggle a little with mascara.

Getting used to the foam has been quite a strain, as at times I feel the product didn't coat my face enough. The cleanse just didn't feel indepth or thorough, which took away from the enjoyable experience that I normally find cleansing to be. However it must be doing a good job, as I said before- my skin feels balanced and I've not experienced any nasty outbreaks or problems.

This cleanser claims to be suitable for all skin types (though I would suggest it would be best for combination or oily skin types due to it's foam consistency), it contains 96% organic ingredients, many of them fair trade. It is worth noting that it contains salicylic acid- a favourite of mine for clearing out blocked pores. It's is alcohol and soap free, therefore ideal for sensitive skin, the product is not tested on animals and does not contain any nasties such as SLS (unusual for a foaming product), parabens, lanolin etc and last but not least they donate 10% of their profits to charity. Talk about ethical! Perfect for anyone concerned about using harsh chemicals in their skincare, vegans/vegetarians, or who favour a foam for their face wash.

This isn't and won't be my 'holy grail' cleanser, there are many more on the market for me to discover and test. That said, I would recommend this. The ingredients and the company ethos is fantastic and faultless. The brand 'Green People' have all to offer; including toothpaste, a cosmetics range and lovely products to cater especially for babies and children. I will definitely be looking into them more in the future, but I don't think that I'll repurchase this particular product.

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