Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lancome 'Hypnose Drama' Mascara

Lancome 'Hypose Drama' Mascara, £21 for 6.5g.

I had managed to go a whole year of working opposite Lancome and not buying a single thing. Infact, I've managed to get through life as a makeup hoarder and not bought a single thing off Lancome full stop. Perhaps that shows how little interest I have in the brand (I couldn't tell you why I feel this way) but with the Debenhams sales on and my YSL mascara running a little dry I thought it time I bit the bullet and buy a new one. I chose Lancome because if there's one thing they're famed for, it's mascara.

The girls on there both recommened Hypnose Drama, I told them that while I have fairly long lashes, they are determined to stay straight so I needed a mascara that curled, held that curl, while delivering definition, AND volume. (I don't ask for much, do I?)

Well, on first application I was astounded at how well this mascara delivers. After curling my lashes I only needed one coat of mascara to secure long, curled lashes with bold definition. Using other mascaras, my lashes soon droop down and become straight again, but this one keeps them pointing to the sky all day with minimal fall. As I have hooded eyes my lashes are really important for lifting my face and defining my eyes, and I have felt so much happier with my lashes since using this. 
It has also surpassed my expectations because it doesn't really smudge on me in comparison to the extent that others do. Only a few times have I noticed the dreaded 'panda eye' and had to quickly sweep my under eyes, but these have been sporadic and not enough to put me off buying it again. 

The wand is fibrous and quite unique, it curls round in a skeletal sort of way but one side is curved to help curl the lashes and is also really helpful as it makes combing through lower lashes easy too. There's fibres at all angles ready to coat every lash. The formula is fairly wet and also jet black. The packaging is quite ergonomic and tactile, too, I like it.

I am genuinely impressed with this mascara, I will buy it again after I have used some others in my stash...however I am using one at the moment that is giving it a run for its money so stick around for a review of that one too!


  1. Fab review it sounds the bee's knees!

  2. I've never been intested in Lancome either. Have no idea why but I used to feel the same about Clarins too. My lashes are long but straight too, sounds like it would be brilliant for me. I really struggle to find mascaras that curl and hold the curl all day. I usually end up getting my lashes permed!

  3. I really liked the Sample I got, though I will stick to Benefit's Bad Gal Lash as I'm a suckfrer for a fat brush.

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  4. I have exactly the same sort of lashes as you, and swear by Armani Eyes to Kill (I like the original and the "excess" version). Before these, I'd sworn off expensive mascara and stuck to max factor masterpiece max, but the armani holds a curl like no other I've tried. I'd be interested how lancome compares. Also love MUFE smoky lash, it gives huge volume, but doesn't hold a curl as well as armani so ultimately the armani makes more impact. Wow, sorry to write such a long comment, ha! x

  5. I have this mascara and love it too, nice review, xoxo.

  6. great post, want to try this one:)x

  7. really great post, i tried this one before, really like it;)X


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