Saturday, 28 July 2012

My summer must have- Avene 50+ SPF.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+, £15 for 50ml.

Rhossili Bay, South Wales
Monday brought an old friend coming to visit (who is an absolute sun worshipper) and the weather finally brightening up to high heats and sunshine. Keen to explore South Wales a bit better (I have lived here a whole year now and still haven't visited many 'landmark' sites) we set off each day in my little car, sat nav in hand to discover some beautiful beautiful beaches.

There's a product I have to thank for me staying burn free this week (aside from my back which I completely forgot to SPF on Thursday) and that is Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF 50+.
Avene is a brand that can be found with the Vichy and La Roche Posay products in your local Boots and is another French brand that boasts soothing properties from Thermal Spring Water contained inside of it.
It contains both UVA and UVB protection. This is a must have in any sun lotion, UVA protection helps prevent the ageing side effects that direct sunlight has on the skin. UVB protects against the skin actually burning as a result of being exposed to intense sunlight. It's very important that you choose a product that offers protection of both, and particularly if you are as fair skinned as I am!

Yesterday I noticed that the 50ml carton has depleated in size quite considerably. I do apply a lot of sun cream (you are advised to or it won't work to it's full effect) however I couldn't help but wonder why this sun cream was in such small quantity. 50ml?! It then dawned on me that this product is probably meant for facial use, after all Avene products are to cater for hypersensitive skins and the factor 50 is a popular choice for people to apply to their face, but I feel I must defend myself in saying that it doesn't state that this isn't for full body use on the packaging....anywhere! I know that at £15 a pop for 50ml some of you may feel this is a pricey habit to maintain but I'm here to tell you how fantastic this lotion is:

  • The product absorbs into the skin super quick and doesn't feel heavy.
  • The product leaves absolutely none of that greasy or oily residue which has annoyed me so much in the past with other creams.
  • It's perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, so is nice n' nourishing.
  • It works SO well! I know this is probably a given, but this has protected me so well that I only had to apply the cream once in the morning, and could wear it throughout the day before an evening shower and I did not burn. Ok I did burn a bit on my foot where I completely missed a patch, photos for your amusement below.
Random burn on my footsie!
I can't sing this products praises enough. I'm slowly becoming a huge convert to these thermal water brands, and this sun cream specially formulated for blondes and red heads hits the spot and does the job so well. I also like the pump dispenser and because it is a smaller size it doesn't weigh your hand bag or beach bag down, it's a win win!


  1. Wales looks so lovely, I'm always pestering people to come on a day out there with me! I'm super pale and burn really easily so this product looks just right for me, I only bought a normal/cheapy one from Boots so I have no idea how well it works yet! xx

  2. i need to buy this! my current sun block is only 25SPF (doesnt mention UVA/UVB/etc protection on it)... this is just what im looking for! looks similar to the chanel facial sun block, but for half the price.

    hope you had a nice time road tripping, that beach looks so gorgeous. much nicer than wales used to seem when i was dragged on family holidays back in the day!

  3. I need to try this, I've been looking for a face spf for ages, it's so hard to find one thats not sticky and greasy! Even though the picture only shows some of it, your tattoo looks amazing! xx

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  5. totally agree with you about paying abit extra for nice suncream. Ive just used up some that is meant for the face too, it was scrumpcious, i cant remember the name though. ps what is the tatoo on your foot? it looks awesome! x


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