Monday, 30 July 2012

My first experience with tooth whitening! Part Two- Results

Last Sunday I posted here about the RapidWhite teeth whitening travel pen which is a week long treatment used twice daily. (I've since seen it in Boots and FYI it is priced at £13.30!)

The instructions state to leave the treatment on twice daily for 5-10 minutes after brushing, and brush afterwards too. I did do this bar one night where I was too tired!

The results:

Unfortunately, I've noticed no change in my teeth. I've compared them against the chart to see if they've gone up a shade but I can't see that they have, the treatment hasn't cleared up any discolourations and they don't appear any brighter than last week.
Whilst on one hand this is a disappointing result, I'm not too shocked. For a whitening treatment priced at just over a tenner I can't have expected too much though was hoping for a slight yet noticeable difference. 
On a plus point I've not experienced a lot of sensitivity as a result- sensitivity is heightened with cold drinks but it isn't too painful and there isn't a huge difference in comparison to how sensitive they were before.

Overall, I cannot recommend this product as I've not seen any results. However, I am glad I tried it, because if you don't try, then you don't know!! 

Have you ever used this product? Have you ever completed an at home whitening treatment that works?


  1. aw thats a shame. Ive heard that Crest is supposed to be good! x

  2. What a let down! I always thought Rapid White were supposed to be pretty good! I noticed that mine went a little whiter when I started using an electric toothbrush :) x

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  4. ohh what a scam and let down if it had worked i would have gone and got one for my self

  5. Aw. Don’t be disappointed, Emily. The good news is, there are home remedies that can bring back the whiteness of your teeth. Strawberry is one of the most common home remedies for yellowish teeth. It has malic acid that whitens the teeth. Just cut the strawberry in half, and rub it on your teeth. Let the juice stay for at least a minute, and then rinse it with water. Also, strawberry is a natural cleaner that removes bacteria in your mouth.

    -Darren Heist

  6. Did the teeth whitening kit work? I’d love to see some before and after pictures to see if there were any changes! There are actually a lot of homemade mixtures you can use to whiten your teeth. One of them is a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. First, you have to squeeze the lemon juice into the baking soda. Naturally, the mixture will start to bubble. After it settles down, dip a cotton ball into the solution, and apply it on your teeth. Let it settle there for a minute, then brush right after to get rid of the acid.

    @Patty Gurrola

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  8. Perhaps you should ask your dentist’s suggestions about good teeth whitening products, the ones that are proven effective and safe. You might as well consult him/her with your teeth’s sensitivity. It’s better to have the professional’s opinion, because sometimes, doing-it-by-ourselves fixes can only makes matters worst.
    Rae Screen

  9. Thanks for the honest review. If you like to whiten your teeth, don’t ever attempt to try some commercialize whitening strips and pens, it’s just a waste of time. I tried several of those before, but nothing really works. What I did was I followed my fiancĂ©’s suggestion..….visit a dentist. He accompanied me to his cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills last year. It’s such a good move because it came out well. I love how Dr. Frey removed the stain (gentle and safe) and made my teeth pearly white in an instant.

  10. I have personally never relied on whitening pens for teeth whitening options. For my teeth whitening i had been to dental clinic and have got really quick and instant results in the first siting and they are also long lasting as well.


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