Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ojon Dry Recovery, worth the hype?

Ojon Dry Recovry Shampoo £18 for 250ml and Conditioner, £19.50 for 250ml.

I was very excited to try these products, luxury hair products always excite me a little and using the Ojon oil ingredient they're famous for I was hoping the treatments would work for me.

The smell of these is absolutely divine! It may sound silly to some, but the scent just reminds me of what I imagine it would be like to be in a middle Eastern spa! It's quite undescribable to be honest, but I am a sucker for a good smelling shower product and I always look forward to cracking these open!

I may have chosen the wrong treatment for my hair by choosing the Dry Recovery range,  but I almost feel the moisture within the shampoo has almost over compensated and my hair has become overly nourished (I'd be interested to know if others may have found this too). By this I mean I've found that my hair feels greasier a day quicker than it used to when I was using a Tigi shampoo and conditioner, which means I've in turn had to use more dry shampoo in those days between washes.  However, a plus side of this point would be to say that the range really does do what it says on the tin, and if you do suffer from severely dry hair then definitely give this a shot, if I'm honest I don't think my hair was in as bad condition as I assumed it would be.

I've been using Ojon for about 5 weeks now, aside from the vast restoration of moisture into my hair, I haven't noticed a vast difference in the condition of my hair in terms of split ends or colour protection. I love that it does feel light and clean after washing and I've never had any product residue remaining- it washes out very easily. I think I would purchase from Ojon again however I would probably choose a different treatment next time!

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