Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Midweek post: A product I do not regret buying!

Although I love reading monthly favourites and reviews, I'm always so interested to know what makeup products some people continually choose to use and go back to. For example, until about 9 months ago I'd only used L'Oreal Telescopic mascara for about 5 years. The term 'why fix it if it ain't broke?' comes to mind. However since then I've tried YSL Shocking, Benefit 'They're Real', numerous other L'oreal mascaras as well as a few testers of Clinique and Estee Lauder's offerings (post coming up about those!) and I still go back to Telescopic as my favourite.

While looking through my makeup collection (and yes I view it as a collection!) I noticed that there's one product I specifically return to time after time, and believe it or not it was an impulse buy when I was Christmas shopping in MAC a couple of years ago.

Behold the 'Dashing Lassie' palette from the 'A Tartan Tale' collection, 2010!

Please excuse it's now tatty state but one things for sure- it's well loved!

At the time it was a lot to pay (I was a skint post-grad) but something about the palette spoke to me and I got it without a second thought. For me it was the perfect palette of browns, and it certainly hasn't disappointed! Below are swatches of each colour so you can see, but rather than an actual product review this is just more of a chat, as I'm curious to know which products you go back to time and time again, Limited Edition or not I think it's nice to see such a used palette, especially from a makeup blogger who loves nothing more than a fresh pan of colour!

Dashing Lassie: Thinking this may be the most used, the colour pigmentation is the most disappointing. It applies a sheer wash of 'frost', there's no other way to really describe it! It barely shows in the photo above and unfortunately barely shows on eyelids either.
Once Upon A Time: A much loved colour! A neutral colour with shimmer, lovely worn on it's own or as a base, as you can see I don't get to wear this anymore, it ran out long ago and I struggled to get enough product to swatch.
Magical Mist: Looks silver in the pan but applies a dirty, metallic taupe colour.Really stunning and understated, looks lovely against green eyes!
Bronze: A beautiful metallic copper bronze shade, great for adding warmth as a contrast to the other shades in the palette. It's super pigmented and can be used to create a really striking bronze eye- one of my favourite looks.
Buckwheat: A deep brown with red and golden undertones. Buttery soft and gorgeously metallic, everyone needs a colour like this.
Showstopper: This will have featured in several of my recent FOTD's as it's a colour I favour to fill in my eyebrows at the moment. A deep matte brown with fabulous pay off. Also great for adding depth to neutral eye looks or adding natural definition under the eye.

It's sad to know that all of these shades were Limited Edition, because I think they'd be popular permanent lines. However, I know I'll use each section until it looks as worn as 'Once Upon A Time'!

Did you buy this palette when it was released? What is your most used makeup purchase?


  1. I have this and 100% have to agree, this palette has always been a favourite of mine and I constantly go back to it :)

  2. oh i hate it when you fall in love with a limited edition item, its sooo sad when it runs out!


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