Friday, 11 May 2012

How will I be wearing red lips this summer?

Long gone are the days where I would wear Russian Red day and night all year round. As much as I do still love to rock the bold red lip, I've found the perfect way to wear red that isn't so drastic or takes as much work to perfect (great for those on- the- go) or for those of you who don't feel comfortable with such a bold look.

Let me introduce to you MyFace lipstick in '155 Strawberry Fields'

This stunning lipstick was donated to me by Makeda but is available from many Boots stores or on their website and retails for £9.99.
MyFace Cosmetics are great for makeup beginners because product shades are divided into three groups according to your skintone; Fair, Medium and Dark. This lipstick comes under the Fair category so is perfect for me! If you're stuck with what lip colours, or blusher colours to use for example, pop onto the website and it'll tell you which of their products are formulated for you.

The packaging is modern and clean because it is white with transparent elements. The twist mechanism to raise the bullet is very smooth and it's helpful to see through the lid to the colour if you happened to have a selection of their shades.

I'm so impressed by this lipstick and have been reaching for it over all of my others recently. It has a sheen finish which makes it wearable for day or night and is a beautiful cherry red colour that has pink elements to it, which I think contribute to it being more wearable for the red-shy of you out there. It's a colour and a finish that I think would suit all ages, too. It can also be seen here in my Ombre Lips post. 

It's got the soft, moisturising qualities of Revlon Lip Butters but for two pounds more come in better shades that are tailor made to suit your complexion. I will wear this colour and reapply throughout the day and my lips don't feel like they're suffering by the end of the day, it really is a joy to use and I'm pleased I've been properly introduced to the brand because I think I'll buy from them again.

What do you think of this colour? Do you own anything from MyFace Cosmetics?


  1. I love red lips but never have the balls to wear it during the day. That shade is so wearable though, I'll def be checking it out. Great post.

  2. Yay to My Face. I still need to get my red from the dark range, still at my friends house. I only got how they do their shading after reading your post- Very informative stuff and the colours great on you.x

  3. I love these kind of lipsticks for every day use :) and the color really looks great on you! Love it!

  4. Wow that's a cute shade!!




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