Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cat Blouse.

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I'm having a slight cat-themed week. On Tuesday I saw the cat from the 'A Street Cat Named Bob' book thats recently been released, I remember seeing Bob and his owner on This Morning a couple of months ago so I was quite happy when I saw Bob in real life, just hanging out in Covent Garden giving people high fives!

On Friday I finally got my other foot tattooed with the design I've been waiting absolutely ages for. And yes, it's a cat design. It was done by Simon Erl who was guest spotting at the fabulous Swansea Tattoo Company.

I also purchased this shirt. I love cats but I sometimes find corporating them into my outfits isn't the most mature of decisions. I did by the Charlotte Olympia rip off pumps from Missguided a while back but was quite disappointed by how cheaply they were made (I suppose you can't expect too much for twenty quid) and so I don't wear them all that much!

I fell in love with this blouse, I like the simplicity and smartness of shirts and this soft focus leopard head print added a more playful aspect to it. The collar with the small gold stud was an added feature, but I could take or leave that.

Finally, after months and months I think Ben has finally caved and agreed to us getting a real life kitty! We live in a flat and he suffers from allergies so it's going to be a tough pick, but YAY to me possibly having a kitten for company! I already have a cat called Chrissy but she lives with my mum and I miss her all of the time!

What do you think of the shirt? Do you love cats as much as I?


  1. I absolutely love the shirt!

    I love cats too, currently have about 12(some are kittens though, i'm not like, a crazy cat lady aha). My mum used to have allergies too but since we've had cats for so long she doesn't really have them anymore at all!

  2. This is gorgeous - love the wee gold details too!! :)

  3. awww too cute! I love this print!

  4. Hey Sweety, you have a great Blog. Amaziiiinnng Photos & a great Style. I love it!!! I follow you, if you like my blog, follow me back. big kisses from germany ;******

  5. Hello :) i love your blog and i have awarded you the Laine Blogger Award
    check it out on ,keep up the great work xx

  6. Hi! I absolutely adore cats! I think they r great :D i have two wee cheeky ones myself, who u can see on my blog! :) You have a gab blog btw!

    Jen xxx

  7. Awww that blouse is absolutely adorable! Love it!

    Please check out my blog? Im a newbie!

    Emma xx

  8. omggg!!! I WANT THAT!! SO cute!! I'm definitely a cat person :D Congrats on getting a kitty! I got a ragdoll last year and she's the best ^^


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