Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Midweek Post: Buy of the week!

Nails Inc Duo, £12 for 2x 8ml bottles. 

I just thought I'd show you what a bargainous deal is in Boots at the moment. For only 12 British Pounds you can get yourself an 8ml bottle of the A&E Basecoat and an 8ml bottle of the Albert Bridge Topcoat. They're not quite full sized, but full sized bottles retail at £11 so to have these two for just a pound more is a worthy spend. 
I love Nails Inc polishes and was a bit sad when my base coat ran out last month, then in the same week I lost my Sally Hansen MegaShine topcoat after using it in the car, I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere! I swear cars are just a blackhole for me, I lost a flip flop in one once while it was ON my foot and we couldn't find it after emptying out the car- twice!! Since that mishap I've been using a base coat from Collection 2000 but I swear it is making my nails dry, flakey and weaker than usual. I haven't worn the A&E basecoat enough to comment on whether it has helped repair my nails but it is really quickdrying and provides a good base and fills in ridges well. The Albert Bridge topcoat is wonderful. It dries in under two minutes to a super glossy wet look finish that seals the colour well. It still doesn't prolong the wear of those darn Essie polishes though, but does anything??

I don't know if these have been available for a long time as I normally buy my Nails Inc from Debenhams, but I know that if I had known this was available I'd have snapped it up sooner!

While I'm on the subject, what are your favourite base and top coats?

P.S. So sorry I have been absent in terms of blogging recently- I will reply to all your comments, check out your blogs and say hello to all of my amazing new followers very soon. I have been juggling three jobs and driving all around the country and I am knackered. I'm not ignoring you!


  1. I always buy the Kensington Caviar in this duo and even though they're not full size they still last a good amount of time.

    I haven't tried the A&E Top Coat yet. Is it a quick dry one?

  2. I love Essie Good to Go topcoat. It's great! You can apply it on wet nails and it won't ruin your manicure, and it dries in like a minute. It's really great! xx

  3. i get nails inc from qvc or tk maxx... i can't get away with their base coats tho. the only base i use is opi nail envy... either in matte or original but matte is the better one for a base. flaking and drying is a problem with hydration so it's probably not the collection 2000 base. i'd say cuticle oil the F out of ur nails and apply hand cream regularly. that should help but it is the time of year where flaking and drying happens :((

    and 3 jobs?! u machine!!! i have hardly the energy for one!


  4. hehehehe omg emily you actually cracked me up about the flip flop. i laughed out loud and im sat at work on my own! xx


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